Can You Really Get Free EBooks?

Friday November 29, 2013


Most of us know what an eBook is. It is a virtual book, able to be read on a computer, possibly an Amazon Kindle or some other virtual reader device. Sometimes a hard copy book is also available in eBook format and at other times books are released by individuals as eBooks rather than going through the normal publishing channels.

If you have yet to dive into the world of eBooks you can’t do any better than to see whether you can get hold of any for free. Luckily you can, and you might be surprised at how many are available as well.

One of the best sites online today is called As the name of the site suggests, it has hundreds of free downloads available in eBook format. There is a nice selection of categories along the left hand side of the site and you can see that plenty of topics are covered. Whatever you would like to read and however many books you want, this could be the best source for finding them.

You will need to register in order to be able to download any eBooks you find and like the look of. The standard membership is free and this limits you to five downloads per month of PDF and Word documents. If you want to go beyond this you will be required to pay a small monthly fee, or a lifetime fee. But as you can see the free membership still entitles you to some free eBooks that are well worth reading.

Even if you want eBooks in other formats and you decide to pay for a membership, you can opt for the cheapest option and get a lifetime membership. This means you can still enjoy plenty of free eBooks because there is then no limit on what you want to download. It’s worthwhile to look for all the eBooks you might want to read before deciding on the membership you want. Although with that said, why not take advantage of a free membership and then see if you want to upgrade later?