Get Some Free Doctor Who Games Now

Sunday January 16, 2011


Lots of people in the UK and indeed all over the world are big fans of Doctor Who. Matt Smith is the current incarnation of the Doctor, and he has been making a big impression since he took over the role just over a year ago on our screens.

Of course there are plenty of Doctor Who tie ins as well to support the programme. Annuals, games and books are just three of the things you can buy. But when it comes to games you may actually be able to get some of them completely free of charge.

All you have to do is go to the BBC website at to start playing. It might sound unbelievable but there is really no charge. All you have to do is to be resident in the UK to be able to access the website and download the game.

In fact there are currently four games for you to play. The most recent addition to the site for fans to try is called ‘Shadows of the Vashta Nerada’. Previous games are titled ‘City of the Daleks’, ‘Blood of the Cybermen’ and ‘TARDIS’. All of the previous games are also downloadable so it might be a good idea to follow the instructions to download them all.

The graphics are superb and you can listen to Matt Smith talking about aspects of the most recent game on the website. This short introduction also reveals some screen captures of the game, which will certainly make you want to download it! It’s a great freebie from the BBC and it definitely keeps the interest in Doctor Who flowing for every fan of the series.

You can keep an eye on the main Doctor Who site at to see when new games might be released in the future. There is also a news section on the website and this will typically give announcements whenever a new adventure game is being planned.

Despite the fact these games are free you will see that they are incredibly well detailed and a joy to play. They are very involving too – so much so that you will forget they were free and you might think you would have had to pay for them. But no, this is not a gimmick – you can enjoy four great adventures at the moment, with more to come in 2011.