Getting Some Great Deals Through Cashback Sites

Tuesday May 18, 2010


Quidco - The UK's Most Popular Cashback Site

We highly recommend Quidco, they are the UK's most popular Cashback Site! 

First of all, what exactly is a cashback site?  Well, it is a website which you can use as a portal to do your shopping with.  So for example, let’s say you wanted to buy something from Amazon.  Instead of going directly to Amazon to buy your item, you would go to your chosen cashback site first.  They might have a deal on there that gives you, say, 5% cashback when you buy through them.

So you click on the link and you are transferred to Amazon to make your purchase as normal.  But having done that, you will eventually see a credit for 5% of the total amount (excluding postage and packing usually) appear in your cashback account with that website.

This is the power of the cashback sites.  One of the best ones online today for users in the UK is known as Top Cashback.  You will find the site at, and it is famous among people in the UK for offering all kinds of good deals.

The good thing about this site is that you will see lots of good offers from well known merchants – and most of these are ongoing.  For example names such as Argos, Very, Dell, LastMinute and many more can be found on the site.

It is easy to join up as well, and it should only take you a couple of minutes to do so.  Most offers work on a percentage deal, so whatever you spend you will get the appropriate percentage back.  The actual amount will vary depending on which retailer you are shopping with.  But if you focus on going to this site first, before you buy anything at all online, you can see whether you could save money on your shopping.

It is easy to see why the site is so popular.  New deals are being added all the time, and the search feature makes it easy to see whether the retailer or business you want to buy products or services from is on the site.  It takes very little time to use the site and you might be surprised by how quickly your cashback can add up.

They pay the cashback to you via a cheque or directly into your bank account, and they can also pay it via PayPal if you wish.  As you can see this is one good deal that everyone in the UK with a computer could benefit from.