Have You Considered Digital Scrapbooking?

Thursday December 16, 2010


Most people have heard about scrapbooking. It is the process of keeping tickets, photos and various other items so they can be added to a scrapbook and kept as memories.

But there is another way of doing this – and there are lots of freebies associated with it as well. In fact if you are looking for a low cost way to get into scrapbooking, check out the options you get with digital scrapbooking instead.

There are lots of sites online that offer advice, sources and resources for this kind of scrapbooking. Some sites also offer free items and various other things you can use for this kind of hobby. If you are looking for a gift for someone that won’t cost you a lot of money, this could be ideal.

One excellent example of a site that has lots of freebies to offer in this respect is http://freedigitalscrapbooking.com/. It is an appropriate name for a site that focuses only on this and doesn’t confuse you with anything else. There are plenty of resources here that won’t cost you a penny and they are all easy to access as well. You will find links to all kinds of useful things down the left hand side of the home page. These are not only easy to download, you can also get inspiration from them and use them to trigger your own ideas for scrapbooking.

You can also use these ideas and resources to do real scrapbooking. If you have a book and you have lots of photos to put in it already, make sure you can print out some of the free resources this site has to offer. You can then use them for ideas and to cut out and add to your own scrapbook.

Scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby, but as you can see it is more than possible to get lots of items completely free of charge. As well as exploring the website above, do a search on Google for free scrapbooking resources and items and see what comes up. It will help you to find everything you are looking for and get some inspiration along the way.

It might even provide ideas for last minute personalised Christmas gifts for people. You just never know where scrapbooking will take you, except to lots of freebies that anyone can use! Make the most of them all today.