How To Send Free SMS Messages On Your Computer

Thursday April 1, 2010


A free SMS message might seem impossible to send, but when you use your computer instead of your mobile phone it not only becomes a possibility, it becomes fact.

So how does it work?

The site that allows you to do this is called  When you arrive on the home page you will see a box right in the middle of the screen that prompts you to enter your mobile phone number and the message you want to send.  You have 137 characters to use.


When you click on ‘send SMS’ it will ask you if you want to use replies.  You should select yes if you want whoever is receiving the text to reply to you.  That is basically how it works.

Be sure to select ‘delivery confirmation’ as well though.  When you do this you get a code that you need to access your replies online.

How do you read the reply you get to your text message?

You can read the reply online on the same website.  It is worth doing so as well, because CBFSMS will allow you to send another text for free for reading a reply.  This keeps going in turn so if everyone you send a text to texts you back, you will get another free SMS message to send out as a result.

Is the site easy to use?

It is – the home page is well laid out and full instructions are given just below the text box itself.  You will see them on the right hand side of the site. 

Another benefit of the site is the selection of boxes you will see across the top of the site.  If you need any additional information on how to use the site you will find what you need here.  In particular there is a comprehensive FAQ section which will guide you through the site and answer some of the questions you will probably have about sending a free SMS message via your computer.

It is a good idea to read all the terms and conditions as well; you will find these at the bottom of the site.

Can I use the site now?

Yes absolutely – and once you start using it you will realise how good it is to be able to send a free SMS without paying a penny for the privilege.