Visiting Free UK Museums

Friday November 29, 2013


We’re in the thick of the summer holidays now and there is no doubt that finding things for the kids to see and do can be a real task at times.  There is also the question of being able to afford all those days out you’ve got to arrange!

However you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to keep the kids quiet and entertained during the break.  When you start looking around you it becomes obvious that there are some sensational places you can take them to without having to pay anything for admission.

Take the numerous museums in the UK that are completely free to get into for example.  London alone has several museums that you won’t have to pay to view.  The Natural History Museum and the Museum of London are two of the best, and the first one has more than enough for you to see and view to last the whole day. 

Depending on where you live you may have to pay to get there in the first place, but since you would very likely travel to go to other expensive venues such as theme parks and the like, you’re still saving a lot of money.  This is especially the case if you have a day out and take a home made packed lunch with you as well.

Further up north into Scotland you’ve got the Museum of Edinburgh to enjoy too.  You’ve also got the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, to name another UK location that has free access to museums.

In fact you will find free museums up and down the country, no matter what location you happen to be interested in visiting.  If you have plans to go out and about over the next few weeks with the kids, hop online first and find out which museums there are near to you that are free to enter.  The Museum Finder could also prove helpful in this sense.

Some museums will entertain the kids more than others do, and a lot could depend on what interests they have.  Make sure you plan ahead and choose a venue they’ll love and remember for a long time to come.  You probably remember some good museums from when you were a child, so perhaps you could revisit them now as well?  You might be surprised at what you can remember – and you won’t pay for the memories either.