Are You Ready for Six Weeks’ of Cricket?

Thursday February 19, 2015


In case you didn’t already know, the 2015 Cricket World Cup began on Saturday 14th February. Although it has already been underway for a few days there is still plenty left to enjoy. The event doesn’t finish until 28th March, meaning we have six weeks’ of cricketing brilliance to look forward to.

This year’s event is hosted by two countries – New Zealand and Australia. They will split the matches between them, with 23 games hosted by New Zealand and the remaining 26 by Australia. In each case they will be held at a number of grounds across each country. This adds up to the 49 matches that will be played all in all.

You’ve probably heard of the round-robin format of playing before. This means there are teams of countries and each country will play every other country in their team. The best performers in each team will go ahead into the knockout stages to determine the eventual winner of the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

In the same way football has a World Cup every four years, so too does cricket. The last World Cup took place in 2011 with the next one scheduled for 2019. India won that particular competition, which marked their second title. In the previous three World Cups Australia took the title, while in the World Cup previous to the first of their three wins they were the runners-up.

The competition only dates back to 1975 and since it only takes place every four years we have only had 10 winners thus far. This year will mark the 11th winning team. Will India make it two in a row or will another country make it to the final and take the title? It remains to be seen how well various teams do in the competition and whether or not it will be a familiar name that will be the World Cup champions again this year.

Either way, if you support a particular team you may want to place a bet or two on them to win. Don’t forget you can make several bets on a single game if you wish, such as top team batsman and most runs out for fielding. Which bets will you make – and will you get lucky?





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