FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2017 All Set to Begin

Tuesday January 31, 2017


There’s something about winter sports that sets them apart from all other sports. Maybe it’s the snow and ice? Seriously, though, if you love the Winter Olympics, you’ve got another year to wait before they take place. In the meantime, you can look forward to the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, due to begin on 6th February this year. That’s when the opening ceremony will take place, and the competition will then continue until 19th February, when the closing ceremony will bring down the curtain on proceedings.

So, which sports can we look forward to?

Well, since the onus is on skiing, there will be downhill, slalom and giant slalom events for both men and women. Additionally, there will be super-combined events and team events, not to mention the Super-G event. The team events will be mixed.

This year, the championships take place in St Moritz, Switzerland. While there are only 11 events, 74 nations will be competing to try and take home the spoils in each event. St Moritz isn’t new as the event host, either. The location last hosted the championships in 2003, and did so on three other occasions too. The earliest was in 1934, and then again in 1948 and 1974.

While the opening ceremony occurs on the 6th, the events proper start on the day after. This is when the women’s Super-G event begins, with the men’s version starting the following day. Other events then begin on 10th February and continue throughout the course of the championships.

Every event takes place in the same location – at Corviglia. This is known as the local mountain but it forms part of the Piz Nair mountain. The highest point is the beginning of the men’s downhill event – a nail-biting part of the course since it begins with a 100% gradient or immediate drop onto the course itself. Imagine dropping off there and accelerating to 87mph inside six seconds! This is one of the reasons most of us will be watching instead of taking part…

Enjoy the competition this year and watch for the various start points on the course for the various events. No doubt that free fall element will be best of all.





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