The Ashes Reaches a Climax in August

Thursday July 23, 2015


Did you know that ashes are reputed to be inside the terracotta urn used as inspiration for the award given to the winner of The Ashes cricket series? According to legend the cricket bail used in the very first Test was burnt and sealed inside the urn.

Reality is somewhat different though. Following the win by Australia in 1882, The Sporting Times had it had English cricket was dead. They then referenced the ashes and the fact that Australia would now take them home with them. Thus the reference to The Ashes was born. No one will ever know whether the urn contains the ashes of a cricket bail, as is reputed to be the case. The urn is at Lord’s cricket ground in London though, and stands as a famous symbol of Test cricket and mostly of The Ashes itself. After all, the name of the event stems directly from the original urn.

In 2015 England and Australia are facing off against each other once again for the chance to win The Ashes. The event began on 7th July and will end on 24th August.

The first Test was won by England by a total of 169 runs. This gave England a great start to the event, which began on 8th July and finished on 12th July. The second Test, which ran between 16th and 20th July, was won by Australia by a larger margin – this time by 405 runs.

At the time of writing the third Test was yet to begin. This is scheduled to run between 29th July and 2nd August in Birmingham. The fourth Test will run from 6th to the 10th August at Nottingham, while the fifth and final Test will take place at The Oval in London, between 20th and 24th August.

With The Ashes tied at one match all at the moment, there is everything to play for as the final three Tests are still to take place. There have been a few draws in the history of The Ashes and Australia is currently out in front with 32 wins to England’s 31. Maybe this year we can make it 32 wins each? We shall have to wait and see.





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