The Rio 2016 Olympics Are Almost Upon Us

Wednesday July 27, 2016


From swimming to tennis and track and field events to gymnastics, everyone can find a sport they will love to watch when the 2016 Summer Olympic Games begin shortly.

You can look forward to the Opening Ceremony at midnight in the UK on Friday 5th August, after which we will have two weeks of competition followed by the Closing Ceremony on 21st August. While some sports will take place in the Olympic Stadium, others will take place elsewhere. Among the areas used will be the Mountain Bike Centre, the Olympic Equestrian Centre, the Whitewater Stadium and the Olympic Tennis Centre.

Different sports take place on different days, with some taking place on one day while others are spread over a week or more. The venues are situated in four zones. These are Barra, Maracana, Copacabana and Deodoro.

With plenty of athletes coming to Rio from all around the world, this will be a major event in which many big names in their respective sports will be seen. The best approach to take if you want to see the best of the games this year would be to check the timings for when various sports take place. The UK is four hours in front of Rio de Janeiro, where the Games will begin, so you should bear this in mind if you want to see live coverage. For instance, a sport starting at midday in Rio will be shown in the UK at 4pm. You can use this difference to work out when to tune in. You’ll also have access to lots of information online.

And don’t forget to place your bets in plenty of time if you feel confident about a certain outcome in a particular sport. There is bound to be plenty of interest in Rio 2016, and you can look online to see what odds are being given for various results in the sports. If you can’t stay up to see who wins which event, you can always check the results the following morning. Whatever you bet on, it’s bound to be an exciting couple of weeks in Rio.





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