What is Ante Post Betting?

Tuesday February 13, 2018


Have you ever heard of ante post betting? This is a common term used in betting circles, and it is often used in horse racing. For a bet to be considered an ante bet, it must be made a minimum of one day ahead of the event. You might also hear the term Future Races when talking about placing ante post bets on horse or greyhound races.

So, for example, if you were to place a bet on the outcome of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, which occurs on 16th March at 3.30pm, it could be made as an ante post bet if you made it in plenty of time before the race. So, let’s say you feel lucky about Road to Respect, which at the time of writing (early February) is listed at 10/1 odds. Those odds could well change before the event, but if you bet now, you’ll guarantee those odds on your bet. If you placed £5 on the horse to win, you’d get a return of £55 if you were right with your pick. Selecting an each-way bet as well would boost your bet to £10.

One thing to be aware of with an ante post bet is the risk of losing your money if a horse turns out to be a non-runner, for whatever reason. So, bear this in mind before placing this type of bet. However, if a horse was ready to run but was not accepted into the race, you would receive your bet back in this instance.

Another thing to be aware of is that the odds available for an ante post bet could be very different from those available closer to the time of the race or event. This could work in your favour if you bet on long odds and they shorten closer to the event itself. Conversely, you could place an ante post bet you think has good odds, only to find they get longer closer to the time of the race. 

In short, you may decide you’re not keen on ante post bets, or they could turn out to be your favourite form of betting.





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