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  1. This website and your privacy
  2. Your personal information
  3. How we may use your information
  4. Security issues and the use of your data
  5. The right to privacy of children
  6. Do you need to change your information?
  7. Getting in touch with us

This website and your privacy

We care deeply about your privacy and the need to preserve it. As such we shall ensure that all your personal information is kept only under the strictest of conditions. It will not be shared at any point with any other person or company. We would advise you to find out more about this by reading through the remainder of this privacy policy.

Your personal information

You may occasionally find that you are asked for some personal details to be able to get into a specific part of the site. Should this occur, only the most essential pieces of information shall be requested. In addition these will not be given to any other person. It does not matter where you live or the information that is asked for – we shall always take good care of your details.

How we may use your information

Your personal security matters a lot to us. We shall not do anything that may cause your personal security to be put in jeopardy. If you should find that we request your personal details, we shall not use these details without having first obtained your permission. If you decide you want to receive our emails and then change your mind, you can do so instantly and without having to give us any prior notice.

Security issues and the use of your data

We always do everything we can to make sure that your personal information is always safe and secure. Our software and systems are constantly upgraded and checked to ensure that they are fully up to date and can protect all your information. No one can access your information at any stage. We assure you that your information is safe.

The right to privacy of children

We have not created this website with children in mind. As such, we have never asked for information from any children – and we shall not do so – at any point in the future.

Do you need to change your information?

You may find that the information you have given us either in the past or now, ceases to be correct. In this case we would ask you to get in touch with us to correct it. You may send an email or give us a call if you wish, and we shall make sure your details are amended. We should state however that if you have any log in information of any kind for our website, this is yours to look after. Please do not write your log in information down, even in disguised form, because it can be found and used by someone other than yourself.

Getting in touch with us

All contact is welcomed by us, and we always enjoy hearing from people who have visited our website. All comments and questions or problems can be resolved if you get in touch with us. You may do so either by phoning us or sending us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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